Thursday, July 19, 2012

May áo dễ thương (basic tutorial)

Anyways.. I've seen a few shirts like this floating around the internet.
I saw them, loved them and thought, 
wow.. I could make that!
So, I did.

It was super easy, super versatile!

It cost about 5.00 to make and took under an hour.

I took pictures along the way, but sadly there is not much light in my little apartment.
So, I have some lovely digital illustrations as well.. 
I hope they can help make things clearer! 

You will need:
A sewing machine
A yard or two of fabric
Fabric or lace for the sash
Matching thread

Like I said in my first tutorial, I don't measure, but this part is pretty simple.
I hold the fabric over my torso, until it reaches my sides, 
I add an inch or so, then cut! 
You will need to make two of these. (Front and Back)
It's okay if you make them a little too big, the shirt is supposed to be a bit baggy.
Plus you can always take the shirt in later.
The long skinny, wavy piece above is for the sash.. we'll worry about that later.

Next, you are going to sew up the sides.
Don't go all the way up, 
You need to leave room for the sleeves and arms!

Next, is hemming up the arm holes. 
You are going to want to take the parts where you didn't sew together,
Fold it a little and sew.
Make sure the shirt is inside out while you do this. 
This is what it should look like.

Pretty easy so far right? 
Well, you are almost done! 

Next we are making the part that holds the sleeves.
Fold where the red line is, and sew the folded part onto the shirt. 
Do that with both the front and the back.
The illustrations no longer show the arms being hemmed.. So use your imagination. ;)
It's just a guide to show you where stitches will be.
 (Inside of the shirt)
(Outside of the shirt, plus a Wicket paw)

Next step..
Play with your puppy if you have one. 
He really didn't like not being the center of my attention.

Next step, hem up the bottom of the shirt!

You are almost done! 
Now you add the sash or ribbon.
 You basically just feed the sash  though one hole, 
then through the back, leaving the ribbon out a bit to make a sleeve.
Gather the fabric along the sash, so it has a nice ruffle to it.

And that's it! 
Tie a pretty bow on the side,
or braid the excess fabric, 
you could even attach a cute pin over the bow!

If you don't know how to make a sash, don't fret.. It's easy! 
Cut a long strip of fabric,  again, this is to your liking and size.
sew the sides longways so you have a long tube.
Turn it inside out, so the sewn part is hidden. 
(This part takes the longest.) 
Then hem up the short sides.
(This is the sash being turned inside out)

The best part about this shirt, is that it is versatile! It has interchangeable sleeves.
It looks great on it's own, with a cardigan, a vest, belted.. etc. 
You could even made it a few inches longer and wear it with leggings.

I'm totally going to make more of these!
 The shirt is a tad wrinkly for the pictures.. but only cause I've been wearing it a lot!

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